Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy :: Education Teaching Teachers Essays

My Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy Throughout my life I have had mentors, mentors that I have looked up to and admired, those mentors have been teachers. As long as I have remembered I have wanted to be a teacher. How could you not want to experience the joy of helping a child grow up in to adults? Being in the education profession will be very trying, but if I can just influence one person it will be worth it all. Influence is a very powerful thing, teachers know how to use influence to their advantage. I am hoping that through observations of classrooms and the education classes here at Concord that I will learn how to be a teacher and not just dream about it. A teacher is a very prestigious career to strive for. You have to be able to deal with every thing all at once and make it work. You can’t worry about what you are dealing with in your own life, when you are at school you are in the kid‘s lives. Kids go through many obstacles; therefore, they need a person who will listen and be there for them. Sometimes a teacher is the only role model that a child has to look up to. I want to be that person. After I graduate from Concord with a bachelors in elementary education, I hope to obtain my masters before I start teaching. When I begin teaching, my goal is to teach Kindergarten at a public school in the area. I believe in the essentialism philosophy to a degree. I think that teachers should instruct the â€Å"essentials† of the academics. I think that teachers should incorporate more traditional thinking in their lessons. I would even like schools to have uniforms for students to wear. I think that uniforms set everyone on the same level to learn, so they are not worried about what everyone is wearing. The essentialism philosophy focuses on academics first and they disagree with

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