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Discursive Weapon in the War in Iraq Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Discursive Weapon in the War in Iraq - Essay Example Though the weapons used by the Iraqi militants were the cause of mass destruction, human life was harmed by a greater extent. The objective of the war, as addressed by George W Bush, US President and Prime Minister of British Tony Blair was the initial step to free the people of Iraq and western Democracies from the threat of Saddam Hussein. The tie of Iraq with Al- Qaeda terrorist network was the reason of threat for the Bush Government and the 9/11 terrorist attack on the US traumatized the people of America at large. One of the key concepts relating to the article is that it emphasized various significant aspects that include technological weapon system, military hardware, surveillance and intelligence used by the governments to minimize the damage of war and the resulted threats that impose over the common people. The style of journalism was determined based upon the reporting style which assisted the people to understand the situation of war. The truth and the morality were the key factors of reporting that depicted the American war front to be sophisticated in comparison with Iraq. The war reportage plays a decisive role in defining the conflict and its contribution towards upholding legitimacy along with illegitimacy at large. In precise, it can be affirmed that this article emphasizes revealing the significance of reporting during warfare (Gasher 209-224). SECOND ABSTRACT This particular reading explores the notion of representation which can be apparently observed to capture a new along with a significant place in a rich diversity of social identity and culture. It has been argued in the reading that representation is an integral part of the process by which a meaning is created and exchanged between members of diverse culture. It generally involves the utilization of languages, signs along with images that represent any particular object. The thought of representation is based on three concepts that include constructionist, reflective and intentional approach which links language and meaning to culture. According to the reading provided, it can be viewed that every representation has its own meaning which is expressed through language or any other forms and even, the complex meaning of representation is understandable by every individual. Representation is often regarded as the construction of meaning which is used to bridge the gap between a concept and a language. Also, the signs and the codes that are expressed in various representation forms explain the same meaning to every individual. The sign of a language is effective only when it is expressed in the same manner to others. Moreover, the visual signs can also be interpreted by using the conceptual theory and the language system. The theories of representation when reflective, expresses the true meaning of the objects, which is same for the entire world. It has been argued in the article that codes are critical for deriving appropriate meaning as they are duly considered a s the result of social conventions and form a vital part of the culture (Hall 15-64). THIRD ABSTRACT In this article, newspaper is seen as a complex of simultaneous messages, with pictures and captions. According to the readings of the article, the total representation of the newspaper can be segregated into two forms such as visual and textual. The photographs present in newspapers not only comprise written remarks but also images that represents a sense of meaning for the readers. The significance of the readings of this article is to elaborate and analyze the message of the photographs present in the newspapers. According to the author i.e. Barthes, the photograph provides a â€Å"perfect analogon† of the representation of the object in the form of a picture. Moreover, the author

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