Saturday, February 29, 2020

Power and politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Power and politics - Essay Example tanding the consequences of power and politics, the next appropriate step would entail appraising the merits and demerits of power-wielding and politicking in workplaces. Finally, appropriate recommendations become necessary in either optimizing the benefits of power and politics, or mitigating the negative effects of the two concepts of organizational theory. In the contexts of organizational theory and organizational behavior, workplace politics feature as one of the most influential concept in management of corporations. In essence, politics entails the process of using either formal or personal power in influencing subordinates. Conventionally, presidential politics are iconic processes used in influencing a nation’s citizenship. Presidential candidates and other elected leaders use their formal or personal powers in wooing voters to their sides. Similarly, politics is as alive and practical in workplaces as it is in national and state administration contexts. Typically, workplace politics emerge whenever employees are subjected to an unhappy workplace environment (HEYMAN, 2007). In addition, organizational politics emerge whenever a part or a whole of a company’s workforce is dissatisfied with an existing or a new hierarchical structure. Whatever the cause, organizational politics are meant to exert influential or coerc ive pressure on the opposing side, especially the top leadership. Technically, organizational politics is a coercive approach meant to place those behind a political movement at an advantaged position (WITT, 2010). Essentially, leaders are the spear tips in organizational politics. Formally, leaders are responsibly for coordination, control, influence, and inspiration of subordinate employees within an organization. During politics, leaders intensify their coordinating and influential efforts in negotiating for favors and advantages. Occasionally, political activities within an organization heighten whenever different leaders subscribe to

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